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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  April 17, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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tional taste test consumers say wendy's new natural-cut fries with sea salt taste better than mcdonald's. they took this, and turned it into this... there's actually skin on there! we love these fries! they're really good. so tell us who you think is naturally the best... they're better than mcdonald's french fries, they just are. well done, wendy's. you guys nailed it! >> eddie: well, at the end of the second period and a video review, there you see the puck sliding across the line at .1 seconds. you lose it, it is under the cross bars at 0.00s. from the nhl situation room. no goal very late in that second period for the rangers. that made it 1-1. erik christensen got the first.
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capitals six goals in the series so far. >> eddie: that would have been devastating for washington to tie it up at 1 at the 19-minute mark in the second. okay, translate here in what the assignments are. >> eddie: when you travel up the ice in your own zone you have to account for company. there's not as much man on man being played or five on five as there used to be in the old days. but four on four a lot more room. players are so quick, they set little picks. you have to account for somebody. it is a lot easier. forward has the "d," the "d" has the forward.
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>> doc: knocked in again by stepan. stepan to the corner. tangled up there with mike green. forced along, green changes from defense to offense and brings it ahead here. mike green able to get it as far as the line. follow-up help came from his teammate. good shutoff down there by mcdonagh again. 2:25 to go, third period. shuffled back on by backstrom. hannan was there. hannan drops it on. ovechkin, deflected off staal. back ahead by dubinsky, that knocked down by high stick. legally so by ovechkin. >> eddie: good hand-eye
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coordination. >> doc: dubinsky -- in there! >> eddie: what an unbelievable move by brandon dubinsky. watch the move right -- here! he looks like he's going to go in behind the net. i think that's what alzner thought. brandon was going to go all the way if behind. off the shoulder and in. what a play there by brandon dubinsky. >> eddie: neuvirth's got no idea where it's going.
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brandon dubinsky has had had a heck of a two-way hockey game. >> liam: boy, that anticipation, that little move right below the goal line. everybody thought he was going behind the net. he put the puck in front. >> eddie: now watch for the capitals to pull their goaltender. no communication just yet. 1:20 to go. not to the hash marks yet. mike knuble. kept alive by green. green still has it. popped up high. capitals trying to get this thing tied back up. spun back by backstrom and
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controlled. green. ovechkin left it behind. tangle route. 32 to go. the battle on the boards continues. a lot of hard work being done in that corner. it will come to center! carlson, grabbed off and popped back to the corner. off the boards and it goes back down the ice. 6 to go. two seconds to go and the rangers will win it!
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>> doc: an outstanding hockey game. rangers back in the series. >> there must be nothing like that here at madison square garden. such a tight game. brandon dubinsky,er's back in the series. >> absolutely. thought we came out and worked hard right from the get-go.
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couple unfortunate breaks. they played hard and came back on us. but we just kept pushing forward and found a way to get it done. we got the momentum back and just got to get ready for next game. it is going to be a tough game. >> when they scored with only one second left to go in the second period, what did you say in the locker room? >> we thought we were doing some good things. just had to stick with it. >> congratulations. great game. >> doc: a goal for brandon dubinsky today, exhausted by victorious, he leaves. final score 3-2. the rangers, the best of seven, 2-1 washington. tonight on nbc, an all-new "dateline" followed by new episodes from "america's next great restaurant." game three between the vancouver canucks and chicago blackhawks, hockey central begins at 7:30 eastern. next weekend playoffs continue here on nbc with game five, rangers-caps, saturday in
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washington. games an times may change. check your local listings or as playoffs progress. for eddie olczyk, mike milbury, the five officials, pt situation room, doc emrick saying so long from new york. you've been watching the nhl stanley cup playoffs on nbc presented by geico. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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immense power. scorching speed. the first phone strong enough to run on the fastest, most advanced 4g network in america. grim picture have devastation from the powerful line of storms that ravaged the south last night. dozens of tornadoes uprooted trees and cars and leave entire communities homeless as the death toll surpasses 40. good evening. i'm pat lawson muse in for craig melvin tonight. witnesses stay tornadoes roared in without warning. in gloucester county, virginia, three people were kill. 60 more were injured by the powerful storms. the sheriff says the path of
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destruction spans 8.5 miles. a middle school there was transformed into a pile of rubble, school buses torn in half. to the south, the raleigh north carolina area was among the hardest hit. nbc's kristen dahlgren is there. >> reporter: from the air, a first look at the massive scars cut into the north carolina landscape. but it is on the ground you get the best picture of how powerful this massive storm system was. trees, home and lives left in splinter by the twisters' vicious rampage. >> you see pictures like this. and we've seen them all spring of towns devastated by tornadoes. you never kind of imagine the scope of the damage. >> reporter: the storm's deadly trek started in oklahoma on thursday. but as it spread east, the destruction and death toll only grew. in north carolina on saturday, 62 tornadoes were reported. at least 22 people killed, five more in virginia. the three-day total now more than 40 lives across six states
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making it one of the worst spring storms in decades. these are homes that have literally been peeled away. some missing entire floors, and yet people here say what they found is much greater. a sense that even in all of this, they're the lucky ones. >> what good? material thing we can replace. but life you can't. >> reporter: at a nearby mobile home park, a reminder of just how precious life is. three children here died in the storms. >> they're loving kids. they're beautiful kids. and the world is a sadder place today. >> reporter: so it is with grief and thankfulness that the clean-up here begins. knowing just how much has been lost even as they vow to rebuild. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, raleigh, north carolina. >> the severe weather is gone from the washington area but the work is on to clean up after the storm. in old town alexandria, there is still standing water.
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crews have been working the remove debris on king street including stumps and huge pieces of trees. over the chain bridge area, the potomac river still hasn't receded to where it was before yesterday's storm. anyone boating, waiting or hiking near the river should be extra careful due to the changing water levels. well, a stumbling point in the capitals' quest for the cup. the rangers pull off a win with a last-minute goal sending the series to 2-1, or -- came down to the wire. >> it was, i'm not happy right now. i'm feeling it just like all the other capitals fans in washington that are watching. this game, i think everybody thought, okay, the caps had the momentum. maybe they'll pull it out. >> it was a tough game. >> it was a tough game. you feel like you played the game when you have all the emotion. one thing for sure, the series will be coming back to washington. the rangers win 3-2. the capitals didn't help they
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have either, with a ridiculous number of penalties. full of drama for bruce boudreau and the caps in game three, late third period. the caps trail 2-1. on the power play, he shoots, rebound to nike knuble and he buries it beating henrik lundquist. this is a beautiful goal. a 2-2 goal. here we go. this is where we're thinking. the comeback is on. under two minutes to go, the puck is in the capitals zone here. still 2-2. brandon dubinsky drives the net. somehow the puck goes past michael neuvirth. take another look. it go off defenseman and into the net. dubinsky scores the game winner. the capitals lose 3-2. a heart breaking loss for washington. the good news is the capitals still lead the series 2-1. game four is in new york on wednesday. coming up, we'll have much more.
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hope to have some reaction from the big apple. >> and hopefully you'll be calmed down by then. >> we're calmed down. just a little disappointed. >> all right. thanks a lot. more time between sxhifts a no tolerance policy for sleeping on the job. the federal aviation administration stated new policies following several instances of air trf controllers caught nodding off. the new rules call for controllers to have at least then hours off between shifts instead of eight hours. they won't be allowed to swap shifts unless they've had the minimum nine hours off. but transportation secretary ray lahood shot down the idea of allowing controllers to take scheduled naps on the job to fight drowsiness. he said controllers will not be paid to take naps. a crackdown on drivers who break the law on the fairfax county parkway. for the next two weeks, police are running special patrols targeting aggressive driving and speeding, texting while driving
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and other moving violations. the campaign is called 50 means 50. it will run 24/7 until saturday, april 30. police will be using a variety of vehicles including pickups, mustangs, camaros and unmarked cars. this effort is aimed at reducing the average speed on the parkway. still ahead, a fight to save a cherished community garden. this will likely be the last year for an urban oasis. plus, a wordy proposal. the hidden message that brought a local couple together. and new details about the argument that led to the arrest of actor nicholas cage. we'll tell you who showed up to bail him out. and chuck, it's been a gorgeous day. >> yes, indeed. finley some hard earned suns
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now to a developing story in northwest washington. police are searching for a man who opened fire near howard university. two people were shot near eighth and r streets, just a block from the university metro station. darcy spencer is live now with more. >> hi, pat. we should mention that it happened just across the street from the shaw public library. sources are telling news4 that multiple shots were fired during this attack. one of those bullets, a stray bullet went into a nearby apartment where two college
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students live and they were prebird to move out today. fontly they were not hurt but two other men weren't so lucky. one was shot in the leg. one was shot in the arm during this brazen -- today here. we're told 15 to 20 shots were fired near r street. just a block away from the shaw howard university metro stop. we're told that this crime had nothing to do with metro but simply happened very close to that stop. the suspect apparently got into an suv after the shooting. that suv was found abandoned several blocks away. so far no arrest has been made. >> there were multiple shooting locations that were under investigation between the 800 block of r street. >> can you say if there was an and challenge of gun fire? >> it is not confirmed at this time. it is still under investigation. >> reporter: d.c. police tell us that the two men who were shot were taken to a nearby hospital.
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the injuries were considered nonserious. reporting live from northwest. >> thanks, darcy. we are learning more about the argument that got actor nicholas cage arrested in louisiana earlier this weekend. it turns out cage was fighting with his wife over which house on a new orleans street was theirs. cage was booked on charges of domestic abuse, disturbing the peace and public drunkenness. he was released on $11,000 bond on saturday. dog the bounty hunter ponied up the cash to bail him out. still to come, if you noticed something unusual in your sunday cross word, you were not alone. and guess what. the 80s are coming back.
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they call it a secret garden, an oasis and a source of sustenance. finding a police to garden is a rare luxury in washington and now one of the few community gardens could soon be paid over in the name of progress. >> reporter: it is the time of year when thing are starting to bloom. soon the color of spring will be in full effect and these flowers will be in bloop. >> you can see lettuce and peas and spinach coming up. >> rhubarb. >> reporter: even the soul. >> definitely a place of respite where you can come and remember the living in the city isn't all about work and traffic. >> reporter: what is truly remarkable is that this garden is in the heart of the city and part of the community. school groups come and some of the harvest is donated to the needy. >> you get to meet people here
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that would you otherwise not come into contact with. and we've all become, we learn from each other. >> reporter: what has these folk worried is that this season's may be among the last harvests from these plots. it is adjacent to the scottish temple of free miss ornery. and they will soon need it for their own growth. >> they want to use this as a stage area and parking. our understanding is a number of years. >> reporter: the folks that attend the garden say they're not having an adversarial relationship with the freemasons. they've been sharing the property for years and they hope that both well for what happens in the future. >> our hope is that somehow we can work with the temple to find some sort of accommodation. >> reporter: and if not, carey kemp said there is a song she'll be singing sadly. >> paid paradise and put up a parking lot. i feel like this would be a huge loss. well, the clues in today's
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"washington post" cross word puzzle gave an alexandria woman the answers to the rest of her life. corey newman know his girlfriend marlowe does the cross word puzzle every week. as she was filling out the squares, it didn't strike where the answer to one was her name and 65 across was her boyfriend's name. when she got to 51 across, words with a certain ring to them, she figured out what was going on. as she read the answer out loud, "will you marry me," newman pulled out a ring and got down on one knee. he had been wanting to pop the question in a special way. with the help of puzzle creator bob and the post, he was able to do it. by the way, she did say yes. of course. >> the hidden camera going. >> the word was yes. and the word for stay splendid. my goodness. people have been cooped up and they're all out today. >> i would agree with that. bright sunshine, finally become on a weekend when a lot of folks can get outside and use it.
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hopefully you had a chance to get outside and soak up the sunshine on what turned out to be a beautiful sunday afternoon. a lot of folks along gravelly point. and a lot of folks along the georgetown waterfront as well. i forgot we had this little piece of video. look at all the packed tables along the waterfront today. outdoor businesses and sidewalk cafes, reaping the benefits of a little april sunshine out there. the potomac is still really high and flowing very quickly. still above flood stage for now. it should be back down below flood stage sometime mid to late monday afternoon. there is gravelly point along the north end of the runways. at ronald reagan national airport and look at all the people down there. enjoying the sunshine. northerly breeze mean they are under the departure pattern out of reagan national airport. they get planes taking off over their heads as people 90 up the potomac river and out to wherever they were plng on traveling. 67 degrees. not only our current temperature but also our high temperature
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today after a 47-day start. the northwest winds which had been up near 30 miles an hour for much of the day are starring to come back down. as soon as the sun goes down, that will take wind away. 64 in hagerstown. 69 in sterling, virginia, 70 in culpeper, 70 in charlotte hall, 73 in fredericksburg and stafford. there are actually a few lonesome rain drops way out into far western maryland. the mountains of west virginia. one or two drizzly drops out there. those are not making it over the mountains so we'll stay dry east of the blue ridge for the remainder of the evening. you can get the sense these showers are cold air, bubbling up showers here. these will fade away also as soon as the sun go down. temperatures in the 50s to the north. 70s to our south. we're going to have a little bit of a wavy pattern around here for the next couple of days. tomorrow, a little bubble of


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